Davide Paganotti

Creative Designer, Brilliantrees S.R.L.

Davide Paganotti

Creative Designer,

Brilliantrees S.R.L.

BTREES is an ideas incubator, which gives life to businesses by sowing innovation and generating products and services for new industrial springs. They are passionately committed to helping make relationships fruitful through forests of solutions, enthusiastically cultivating their creative spirit, by contaminating and sharing cooperation. They believe in the authenticity of positive values ​​that are able to change the world.

Synchronization and file sharing services in the corporate environment have been a fundamental innovation because they have drastically decreased the exchange of emails and continuous communications. Being able to have all business documents and files in a single place, accessible and shared by everyone, […] is a considerable added value.”

Interview with Davide Paganotti

We have chosen Kamzan for its ease of use, efficiency of service and particular attention to the whole systems’ security. In particular, I find it very important to have an automatic back up that allows the recovery of previous versions of files, graphic customization and its wide choice of settings. That of Kamzan was a winning choice because the service allows to abolish other tools used in BTREES, […] which, due to their incompatibility of integration with other platforms and applications, limited us and forced us to work according to others standards, without being able to have a tool that could be used in all departments of our Company.”

Online collaboration is essential because you can’t do without it. Working with several people on the same document, gives way to those who work with you to revise it in real time, eliminating the exchange of the file after each change. Another interesting aspect is that having the possibility to use the chat with your team members, to insert comments and create tags on the documents involved, will allow you to optimize your time and therefore increase the productivity.”

Discovering the features focused and implemented for branding strategies was a pleasant surprise. The relevance of corporate identity is crucial because the brand of a company is the company itself. Kamzan is able to highlight the brand and communicate it effectively […] helping establish the companys’ reputation […]. Everyone must be aware of the brand as of the company he works for and use this knowledge correctly; being able to integrate Kamzan in our coordinated and structured communication strategy enables us to transmit BTREES values and quality levels with which we want to expose ourselves to the outside. The way we communicate outside reflects the way we work for our customers and the care and attention we put into their communication.”

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