Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 24th 2018

This page contains information on the processing of personal data by Jinni S.r.l. for each interested subject.

Privacy Policy, interested subject Website User

Privacy Policy, interested subject Potential customers arising from activation of the trial periodPrivacyDisclaimer_Prospects.pdf

Privacy Policy, interested subject Customers: PrivacyDisclaimer_Clients.pdf

Privacy Policy, interested subject Suppliers: PrivacyDisclaimer_Suppliers.pdf

Terms of service

Last updated: May 24th 2018

This page contains information on the terms of service regarding Kamzan: Terms-of-service

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Kamzan reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy from time to time. In case of changes, the user will be notified by the date’s change next to “Last updated” at the beginning of this Privacy Policy. For material changes to this Privacy Policy, you will be notified in a more direct manner, for example by publishing a more explicit notice  or by sending an email before the change becomes effective. The user is therefore invited to review the Kamzan Privacy Policy each time he accesses the Kamzan Services, to be informed about Kamzan’s practices regarding the processing of information and the protection of the user’s privacy.

If you disagree with any changes to this Privacy Policy and if you do not consent to your information being subject to the new Privacy Policy, you must cancel your Kamzan account and discontinue the use of Kamzan Services.

The user is requested to contact the Data Controller Jinni S.r.l. writing to for any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or the way in which Kamzan handles the information concerning him.

“Kamzan is a very powerful tool that helps a company increase its efficiency and productivity.[…]

If I had to define what the main characteristics of Kamzan are, I would definitely say simplicity of use, reliability and finally safety.”

Alexander Kniese, System Administrator – GPC