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Global Product Channel (GPC) Italia Srl

Global Product Channel
Global Product Channel (GPC) Italia Srl

Global Product Channel was born in 1997 when the entrepreneur Petter Neby and Prof. Charles Simony founded the company. Today GPC, with a solid presence on the European market, offers services and new technologies to manage in a more immediate and economic way the commercial needs of companies in the furniture sector and in their distribution networks. For their customers this means simplifying the way they work, reducing time and costs, increasing accuracy and reliability.


Marco Montino, Chief Operating Officer of GPC

“We use Kamzan to share data with our clients safely but simply.”

Alexander Kniese, System Administrator of GPC

“Kamzan offers a technical support that is always available and very effective. As soon as it was installed in our company, the team has trained us and supported us in every step of using the system, providing assistance for every situation presented to us. A unique experience for each of our users.“

Interview with Marco Montino and Alexander Kniese

“We are a service company and with our customers we had a simple problem: find a simple system, usable even by people with low IT skills, to share data and documents. […] Our operation is daily but in addition to simplicity we needed to ensure full control of shared data and its security, with the certainty of knowing where these reside. Kamzan has been the perfect solution that allowed us to be fully operational in just a few minutes.”

“Communication between GPC members is very important. Our goal is to have a flow of communication working between all users, using the same tools and channels. The rules that are set depend on the size and structure of the company itself and are based on hierarchy. At higher levels such rules must be more strict, but at lower levels more simple rules can be used. One of the benefits of using Kamzan inside GPC is the systems’ adaptability and flexibility to conform to our rule structure and hierarchy..”

“Kamzan is a very powerful tool that helps the company’s efficiency and productivity increase. It’s important to understand which are the features and the possibilities that such a file synchronization and a sharing system offers, in order to use it to the fullest. Naturally it is necessary to form the users to avoid losses in terms of money and time […] If I had to define what the main characteristics of Kamzan are, I would definitely say simplicity of use, reliability and finally safety. […] In relation to this last feature, Kamzan allows access to files and folders from anywhere and from any device, while still ensuring high security. The two-factor authentication is one of the most important features of security and privacy that does not affect the simplicity of the system because it is developed to the best, to simplify the experience of each user.”

“For an administrator like me, the ability to create a functional business workflow remains the most important feature. Kamzan allows me to work with my team in a simple and optimized way, thanks to the many collaboration tools that the system provides. I can work with the rest of my team on the same document and at the same time as well as manage in a better way all my tasks and events thanks to the use of dedicated applications that synchronize calendar and contacts.”

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