Stand out from others

Choose Kamzan as a synchronization and file sharing system


Choose Kamzan as a synchronization and file sharing system

Would you ever give a customer, supplier or partner a business card with someone else’s logo?

Kamzan is unique as it’s the only safe and GDPR-compliant company file synchronization and sharing system that values your brand.



Discover all the benefits from choosing Kamzan as a synchronization and file sharing system – EFSS


Advantages in terms of security

In the field of computer security and data privacy, Kamzan knows it all.

Exclusive data ownership

We hold your data on servers in Europe, where rules on data security and privacy are stricter compared to the rest of the world. As per the contract, you have exclusive ownership of all data uploaded and shared on your Kamzan. Furthermore, all information will never get transferred to third parties for promotional or marketing purposes.
You have a secure system with your unique and univocal SSL certificate.

Elimination of the Shadow IT

By having a secure and reliable system, that replaces Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Hightail, WeTransfer etc., which can all threaten your computer security, you can delete and forget them all. With Kamzan you will have control and an extensive awareness over the services and tools used in your company, reducing cybersecurity risks.

In fact, unlike our competitors’ services that have unclear policies, Kamzan is transparent about where it holds your data and how.

Brand engagement

With the marketing pop-ups, from the sharing page, you can increase your social media followers, push your audience to subscribe to your newsletter, create a call to action to promote new products, launch discount campaigns and all the other activities you want to implement.

Your identity ever present

You can customize the whole system so that it reflects your brand. When you send files via e-mail or an external link, your brand will always be in the front, as if Kamzan was your own service, always communicating professionalism.


Benefits for your brand and your communication

In such a competitive market you will have an extra weapon to give to your Marketing department too!

Kamzan is an unconventional communication tool because it has features created specifically to enhance and give space to your brand when you share company files with customers, suppliers, leads and partners.


Benefits for work organization

Kamzan is a tool that helps you enhance the potential of the company’s human resources.

All your files anytime and anywhere

With Kamzan you always have access to files from all the devices you want. Business travelers will no longer have problems. Your documents are always reachable and you can share them with colleagues, work groups and customers from anywhere in the world you are, always with a couple of clicks.

Increased productivity

Kamzan includes, in a single service, features of many other systems that send, share and synchronize files and folders. Reduce the systems used by aligning procedures, optimize work time and increase team productivity.

Your company will benefit in terms of time optimization and work productivity thanks to the features and Apps created to make everyday work easier and to simplify team work.


Take care of your business and your brand even when sending company files. Kamzan becomes a showcase to tell who you are and what you do.