Milly Lotti

Head of Business Development, Punkt Tronics AG

Milly Lotti

Head of Business Development,

Punkt Tronics AG

Punkt. was funded in 2008 in Switzerland by Petter Neby with the idea of revolutionizing the consumer electronics market thanks to unique, timeless products, designed to do their duty without taking time and concentration from those who are using them. From the beginning, the famous British industrial designer Jasper Morrison was named art director of the company.

Without doubt in a system of documents sharing, the most important aspect for me is security. By exchanging sensitive data, you can’t risk that this information falls into the wrong hands. We have found that Kamzan is a secure system that can be used by all companies, not just in the sales field.“

Interview with Milly Lotti

“Punkt. is like a weel-oiled and structured gear as the company’s communication flows are organized following a precise logic shared by all the organizations’ members. This is the reason why introducing Kamzan in these processes has been very simple and mostly very effective thanks to the features regarding Collaboration. […] It’s important for the people who work remotely to have continuously updated data. It optimizes the time regarding the communication and transfer of company files between the different departments so all the subjects that are interested in that specific document are always updated in real time.”

It is useful that during the sharing of documents with the outside, the concept of brand is also transmitted. […] For our company it is essential that there is a culture of the brand common to all and that especially those who deal with sales must in turn transmit to their interlocutors: the distributors who must train agents, the agents themselves who must sell the product to retailers or the retailers who must in turn inform customers as best they can and satisfy all the various questions and requests.”

It is astonishing to see how a sync & share system like Kamzan is perfectly adaptable to any business reality. Its ease of use and its chameleonic graphic structure make it a flexible tool that can be integrated into particular sectors such as fashion. Also, knowing this sector well, I believe that Kamzan could have an excellent development in the luxury sectors and, why not, in other made in Italy sectors such as the automotive one.”

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