Features for enterprise digitization, collaboration, document exchange and sharing.

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Features specific to all professional firms and companies in the Business sector.

All of Kamzan’s features are derived from the specific requests and needs of our Business customers: corporations, professional firms, lending institutions, healthcare facilities, and agencies. Realities like yours that need security, customization and method for sharing and exchanging sensitive and confidential business documents.

Flexible, secure and accessible platform

Kamzan is the Italian platform that ensures flexibility and accessibility for document exchange and sharing by allowing you to operate within a secure perimeter.

A cloud for your Business

A space dedicated to you and your reality where you can operate in a protected, safe and personalized way.

Multilanguage (English and Italian)

The platform is accessible in two languages: Italian and English

Easy to use

The platform has been structured to make operational and strategic work simple and straightforward.

GDPR compliant

We collect only the minimum personal data necessary for the proper functioning of the service and do not profile our users.

Accessible everywhere

Access with any device (desktop, mobile, tablet) and any browser.

Web App

You can decide whether to install the Web App customized with your name and Favicon on your devices.

Security is the watchword

For us at Kamzan, security comes first.
Your Kamzan is protected from brute force attacks, data is yours and remains yours with full respect for physical and intellectual property and resides solely in the European Union.
We do not perform any profiling.

Dedicated platform

Each Kamzan is a separate platform with its own dedicated space on which to operate. Access is granted only to people you have allowed to register.

File encryption

Files can be encrypted with 256-bit AES algorithm with different key for each client.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication with TOTP for secure access and compatible with all authentication apps.


With Kamzan you have a 14-day backup history.

Encrypted database

Encrypted database with 5 different keys, different for each client.

TLS 1.3 protocol

Encrypted communication protocol with unique TLS 1.3 certificate for each client.

Private Cloud

You can decide whether to dedicate a technology infrastructure exclusively to your reality in order to increase the level of security.

Reachability of the platform

You have the option of requiring filters on the reachability of the platform. This means that you can access the platform only from the IP addresses you want.

The evolution of sharing

Kamzan expands the concept of file and folder sharing and takes it to the next step, allowing you to have maximum control and security over your files and folders.

3 types of sharing

On Kamzan you can share your files and folders with 3 different types of sharing within or outside the platform.

Sharing via public link

Share outside the platform via customized public links by setting password and expiration date.

Sharing activities

Check whether the content of one of your shares has been viewed or downloaded.

Share with groups

Do you need to share with multiple people? You can use sharing with groups, previously created, always keeping an eye on permissions.

Internal sharing

Share with censored users on the platform. Access will be granted based on the permissions you set.

Sharing via e-mail

Sharing can be done via personalized e-mail on your visual identity using your e-mail address.

Sharing permissions

For each share you make, whether directed to a single user or with groups, you can decide what permissions to assign to the users who will receive it.

Anti-disclosure Features

To reduce the risk of illicit disclosure, we have developed and integrated a number of ad hoc features.

Watermark PDF

By applying the watermark, in viewing and downloading, the e-mail address of the person who is viewing the PDF is added on the diagonal of all pages.

Dowload locking

In each file and folder share you can choose whether to block the download.

Screen capture blocking

Mitigates the possibility of screen captures to the platform and documents displayed on it as well as printing via keyboard shortcut. It also inhibits the print button from the PDF viewer.

Visibility restriction

For each share of a folder you can choose whether and from whom to hide certain files or folders. In this way you limit visibility. You can always decide to re-set it.

Print locking

With mitigation'of screenshots in the system settings the ability to print via keyboard shortcut is mitigated. It also inhibits the print button from the PDF viewer.

Blocking domains registration

For registrations from login page you can choose whether to block certain domains.

User management

With Kamzan you have 4 user types and the ability to create unlimited groups.

Manage your customers, collaborators, employees and partners by giving them access to the platform using the most appropriate user type, role and groups.

Types of users

Depending on what the user is to do on the platform you can choose from 4 different types of users.
Find out more.

Users' role

From the increasingly structured needs for greater security, roles have been introduced on Kamzan. Specific features associated with the users you want that increase the powers of a user by assigning them operational and control tasks within your platform.

Sign in with credentials

Logins are profiled and occur only with personal credentials (username and password) and TOTP.

Whitelist and Blacklist

Manage platform registrations from Login Page by indicating which domains to block or allow registration for.

Unlimited groups

Create as many groups as you want and associate users to better manage access to shares.

Registration from login page

You can decide whether to make your users autonomous by allowing registration from the login page. Use the registration settings to enter custom fields during registration.

Automatic Sign up

Sets domains for which registration to the platform is not to be checked by administrators.

Captcha verification

You can request Captcha integration within the registration page so as to use an anti-bot system and validate registrations.

Everything under control

With Kamzan you are always in control of what happens to your files and folders. With continuous monitoring of every activity, you can know in real time who did what.

Activity tracking

Every activity that happens on files and folders is recorded. In this way you have complete control over everything that happens

Login Notification

Receive a timely email each time you log in to the platform.

Document Versioning

To have a complete view of the file history with ability to retrieve and download each version.

Access tracking

You are always in control of the last access of every census user you have given access to your platform.

Activity Notification

You choose whether and when to receive an email containing all the activities that have occurred on your profile.

Nothing is lost

Think you deleted or overwritten a very important file? No problem: You have 60 days of versions and recycle bin.

Your visual identity is important

Use Kamzan as a means of communicating your reality.
Thanks to the customization of the platform, your visual identity is always in the foreground and accompanies the user through every step.

Custom domain name

Reach your Kamzan from custom domain or subdomain.

Internal Pages

Your visual identity is taken up within the entire platform, so that you never lose focus on your reality and give it its proper importance.

Loading pages

The loading of each page of the platform echoes the logo of your reality, keeping the focus in each step.

Login and registration page

Customize the login and registration page with logos, colors and images or videos of your brand.

Shares and introductions pages

Share pages (via public link and e-mail) are customized with images and colors of your reality, as is their introduction.

Marketing Popup

Use popup marketing to create personalized call-to-actions to services, site, social, and newsletters.

Organize your work

With organized work you get more results.

Online meeting and calls

Create remote online meeting rooms for your every need. The meeting app is integrated with the calendar. Create the room and send the invitation directly from the platform or send a personalized e-mail.
Meetings are protected by secure RTP protocol (SRTP).

Contacts Address Book

All your address book contacts just a click and share away.

Collaborative Editor

Collaborate in real time on Word (docx), Excel (xlsx) and PowerPoint (pptx) documents.

Comments on files and folders

For each file and folder on Kamzan you can leave a comment. Use it to make notes or to communicate something important with those you have shared the item with.

Favorites section

Save the most important files in the favorites section so they are always just a click away.

File expiration date

Request the expiration date for each file uploaded by a user surveyed on the platform.

Shareable calendar

Organize your time and activities with the built-in Calendar on Kamzan. Create personal, shareable calendars with specific people to manage all your projects.

Advanced Search

Searching on Kamzan allows you to quickly and easily find the content you need by searching by name, tag, or both.

Tags to organize files and folders

Assign tags on files and folders. This will allow you to more quickly filter items on the platform with even multiple searches.

Copy Folder Structure

Use this feature to have the same folder structure to use when you need it.

Notification of uploading and viewing

Receive timely notification for each file uploaded and download contingent upon acceptance of acknowledgement by the user with whom you shared the item.

Value-added features

Kamzan also offers its clients specific features to complement the demand for structured work organization.

Invio buste paga

Con Kamzan puoi inviare le buste paga ai tuoi dipendenti grazie al nostro algoritmo proprietario che permette di dividere il LUL e condividere con le persone censite sulla piattaforma.

Conservazione digitale

Puoi richiedere l'integrazione della conservazione a norma per garantire ai tuoi file integrità, leggibilità, affidabilità e reperibilità nel tempo.
In collaborazione con Intesi Group SpA.

Firma elettronica

Fai firmare i documenti chiave del tuo business grazie alla firma elettronica integrata: una FES con OTP via SMS che ti permette di far firmare contratti, offerte e preventivi in modo semplice.

Invia file di
grandi dimensioni

Rapidshare è la funzionalità integrata in Kamzan che permette di inviare via e-mail file, documenti e cartelle di grandi dimensioni verso chi vuoi tu.


Trasforma Kamzan in uno strumento di marcatura temporale dei file con Blockchain di Bitcoin ed Ethereum, per conferire data certa e poter verificare l'integrità.

Provider SMS

Puoi inviare le password di accesso alle condivisioni pubbliche (via e-mail o link pubblico) tramite SMS grazie all'integrazione specifica con Skebby e Aruba. In questo modo, proteggi la tua condivisione.

Request free demo

Request a free Guided Tour of the platform now and learn how to use Kamzan to share and exchange sensitive and confidential files and folders while operating in a safe, secure and fully graphically customizable perimeter.

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