Value-added features

Value-added features for enterprise digitization, collaboration, document exchange and sharing.

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Ad hoc features specific to professional and business firms and companies.

Kamzan’s distinctive features are a direct result of the specific demands and needs of our customers in the Business sector, which include corporations, professional firms, lending institutions, healthcare facilities, and agencies. These organizations, similar to yours, require solutions that offer security, customization and a reliable method for sharing and exchanging sensitive and confidential business documents.

Sending payrolls

With Kamzan you can send paychecks to your employees thanks to our proprietary algorithm that allows you to split the LUL and share with the people surveyed on the platform.

Your Employees

Register your employees on the Kamzan platform as Guest Users.

Assign folder

Define the folder and associate the feature.

Sharing with users

At the end of the split process, the relevant Payroll or Single Certification is automatically shared with each user.

Tax Code

When registering users, associate for each employee the tax code. You can also associate them later from the Users and Groups Management panel.

PDF Split

Launches the feature to split the PDF with payrolls.

Digital Preservation

You can request the integration of standardized storage to ensure your files’ integrity, readability, reliability and retrievability over time.

In collaboration with Intesi Group SpA.

What does digital preservation mean?

Digital preservation means carrying out operations that, by complying with specific standards, allow the value of the document to remain unchanged over time, locking in its form, content and uniqueness.

Certainty of operations

Recording of all operations performed in the Preservation System in a daily log digitally signed by the Notary.

What is guaranteed with Preservation?

With Digital Preservation you ensure: Document authenticity, reliability, integrity, readability and retrievability.

Enforceability against third parties until proven otherwise

Guaranteed by the presence of the Notary Public who is a Public Official.

Electronic Signature

Get key documents in your business signed with integrated electronic signature: an EDF with OTP via SMS that makes it easy to get contracts, bids and quotes signed.

Types of Electronic Signature

Have your documents signed quickly and easily with the signature type that best suits your needs.

Modalità di firma rapida

Se hai bisogno di una firma che valga a livello di documento.

Scopri di più sulla modalità di firma rapida.

Two Signature Providers

To ensure the highest level of service, we offer two different signature providers, both European.

Modalità di firma intelligente

Se hai bisogno di avere la firma in punti specifici del documento.

Scopri di più sulla modalità di firma intelligente.


Turns Kamzan into a file time-stamping tool with Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain to confer date certainty and be able to verify integrity.​

Find out more.

Intellectual property and patents

Blockchain time stamp for intellectual property and patent professionals.


Protect your documentation from forgery by using fingerprinting.

Real estate

Offer transparency in transactions, fingerprint property authentication, contract management, title tracking, and data security.

Testamento Olografo

Data certain blockchain for holographic will.


Ensures traceability, fingerprint part authentication, vehicle data management, secure transactions, and connected vehicle security.

Log e-commerce

Ensure order tracking, fingerprint product authentication, transaction management, payment security, and customer data protection.

SMS Provider Integration

You can send access passwords to public shares (via e-mail or public link) via SMS through specific integration with Skebby and Aruba. In this way, you protect your share.

Provider SMS

We offer integration with two Italian SMS providers to ensure choice and maximize the reliability of communications.

Sending documents via SMS

You can use SMS providers by pairing them with ad hoc features (such as Early Warning Systems) to send SMS communications to users surveyed on the platform.

Sharing protection

Send passwords via SMS to protect sharing via e-mail or public link.

Auditor Role

The figure of the Auditor plays a key role in the platform, aiming to enhance control and strengthen the security of shares. This role can be assigned to one or more users, ensuring accurate oversight of activities.


Complete view of the shares occurring on the platform and the ability to request detailed information on individual ones, for total control and effective management of the sharing activities of all users.

Under Investigation

The "Under Investigation" feature allows the Auditor to delve into the shares, gaining direct access.


Complete, detailed view of all logins to the platform made by users.

Download file CSV

In addition, all data related to these activities can be downloaded into a CSV file for in-depth analysis.

Uploading flows

Request guided upload of any document to receive files and documents in a structured and organized manner based on your needs, thanks to the feature that assists users in uploading documentation.

Endless flows

ou can create as many flows as you like, based on your needs.

Flows management

With the dedicated panel, you can manage and create new streams whenever you need them.

Types of flows

Flows are divided into active flows, inactive flows, and edit flows for faster searching.


Use the built-in Custom Surveys on Kamzan to administer questions and request documentation uploads to your users. Conduct internal surveys with employees and management or engage your customers and stakeholders for valuable feedback and information.

Request answers and documentation

Step-by-step administration, with division into topic and pillar, of questions to users surveyed on the platform, activating the application on a shared folder.

Download the results and view files

Instant display of responses and export in CSV format for each user who filled out the questionnaire or globally. In case of file upload request, you can find everything in the dedicated folder.

Richiedi il Tour guidato gratuito

Richiedi ora il Tour Guidato gratuito della piattaforma e scopri come utilizzare Kamzan per condividere e scambiare file e cartelle sensibili e riservati operando in un perimetro sicuro, protetto e totalmente personalizzabile a livello grafico.

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